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Finding outstanding employees at all levels, and retaining them, will be the business challenge of this century.

At Aldonna Barry Personnel & Management Consultants Inc.,


we recruit gold for your company


we inspire excellence by supporting personal training and development and by continued professional education through Distributed Learning



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Aldonna Kaulius-Barry

Portrait of Aldonna Kaulius-BarryAldonna Kaulius-Barry is president of Aldonna Barry Personnel & Management Consultants, Inc.  Author, Entrepreneur, Editor of an award-winning corporate magazine, Training Facilitator, Executive Coach, Recruitment Specialist, and catalyst of professional excellence. Over the years she has developed expertise in a number of niche markets:  sales & distribution, manufacturing, lighting, forest products, family owned businesses, and professional service firms.

With knowledge, experience and an outstanding track record in recruiting excellence, creative Human Resource Consulting, and the training and development of employees in leadership roles, she has honed her expertise for over two decades as a developer of human dynamic, guiding all levels of employees within a company to access the power within, inspiring outstanding performance and priceless company loyalty and pride.

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  Recruiting Gold

Aldonna Barry Personnel & Management Consultants Inc., has been recruiting professionally for over two decades, providing top quality personnel to a wide variety of business types and sizes, including: corporate, manufacturing, family business, multi-national enterprises, sales & service and distribution.

At Aldonna Barry Personnel & Management Consultants Inc. we understand that Senior/Executive Recruitment is serious business. We believe that in order to build a powerful team you need to start at the top.

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Distributed Learning

Despite the importance attached to training and skills development, multi-national companies are increasingly unable to afford managing employees to take time out of their work week to attend training workshops.

Distributed Learning offers a great opportunity to learn new skills and enhance management abilities in a convenient format. Distance Learning has been extremely successful globally, as Universities, Colleges and numerous other educational institutions provide alternative methods of on-going education. Our Distributed Learning Workbooks and FACTSHEETS can be used for skills development at each individualís convenience and pace.

We also offer a training audio cassette: "Inspiring Excellence", featuring Aldonna Barry, and inspiring packages of "Professional Leadership Affirmations".

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Human Resources Management Consulting

Aldonna Barry Personnel & Management Consultants Inc. has been serving business organizations and corporations in the greater Metropolitan Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Peel regions with outstanding professionalism since 1988. Our unrelenting belief in the power of human resources places us on the leading edge of understanding what drives the success engine in business to day.

We have assisted CEO's, Presidents, Managers and Supervisors in creating and cultivating managerial talent, identifying Human Resource staffing needs, exploring the competencies required for successful job completion, and have provided a broad spectrum of training media through Distributed Learning to improve skills, create challenge, ignite loyalty and to encourage performance excellence.

The top priority in Boardrooms today is the development of bold, innovative strategies to attract skilled, talented, focused employees, and once they are on board, the means to retain them.

For more information, please contact us at:

Aldonna Barry Personnel & Management Consultants Inc.,

RR 3 Stn Main

Caledon East ON L0N1E0

Telephone (905) 584-4242

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